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OSTI.GOV Citation Traversal and Video Tutorial


OSTI.GOV Video Tutorial

Take a tour of OSTI.GOV and learn about new features with the just released video tutorial, Introduction to OSTI.GOV.  OSTI.GOV was launched in February as OSTI’s primary search tool and organizational hub with a new look and feel, improved navigation, and search enhancements designed to benefit researchers and all OSTI.GOV users.

One of the most exciting updates is the addition of citation metric information.  Through an agreement with Web of Science, all visitors are able to see the total number of citations for each article in the collection and sort results by most cited.  Expanded citation information and an innovative tool, the Reference/Citation Traversal, are available to the DOE community through account registration or IP authentication.  All visitors can still sign up for an OSTI.GOV account and take advantage of email alerts and saved searches. 

Verified DOE employees, contractors, and grantees can view additional citation metrics on the article Full Record page, including impact factor, citation impact by journal and by field, and the percentage rank by field for that year, as well as a list of all resources referenced or cited by the article using the References and Cited By tabs at the top of the Full Record page.  The interactive Reference/Citation Traversal tool was developed to help users easily find more related research.  From each article Full Record page, users can select the Reference/Citation Traversal tab and see reference information to the left and citation information to the right of the original title in the center of the “tree”; selecting any of the references or citing works will redraw the tree, and display the same information for the new selection.  This dynamic tool remembers the path, and retains that list of articles in the center as breadcrumbs to lead you back to the first record.

Watch Introduction to OSTI.GOV, then visit and explore OSTI.GOV.  OSTI.GOV users can search 3 million DOE-funded R&D results dating from the 1940s, including journal articles, technical reports, research data, research software, patents, conference and event proceedings, books and monographs, program documents, theses and dissertations, and multimedia.  More videos about OSTI products and services are available at the OSTI.GOV YouTube Channel