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New DOE Data Explorer Enhanced Search Result Features


DOE Data Explorer

The DOE Data Explorer (DDE) just introduced new features that will improve user search experience and help users find and explore even more relevant data.

DDE now allows users to filter Dataset search results by data Project, enabling users to see all the data records associated with a particular Project.  This new filter is in addition to the Research Organization and Creator filters that were already available.  Also, if a search does not return results for a certain product type (i.e. Project, Collection, or Dataset), DDE provides suggestions for relevant results in the other product type categories.  This allows users to explore data that might not otherwise have been returned by the original search.  Both of these new capabilities are designed to improve accessibility to DOE-funded scientific research data. 

DDE, launched in 2008, is a search tool for locating data resulting from DOE research and development activities.  The data themselves reside at national laboratories, data centers, user facilities, colleges and universities, or other websites.  DDE was restructured and redesigned in 2017 to better reflect data hierarchies and display meaningful contextual relationships, and OSTI continues to explore ideas for further improvements.  Researchers can also take advantage of DOE’s Data ID Services to register datasets with DOIs and promote their citation, discovery, retrieval, and reuse.  For more information about DDE, email