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DOE PAGES Video - Reference/Citation Traversal Tool Benefits


doe pages video reference citation traversal tool benefits

The Reference/Citation Traversal tool in DOE PAGES is an interactive feature designed to help the DOE community discover and gauge the impact of research.  OSTI just released DOE PAGES – Reference/Citation Traversal Tool Benefits, a new video tutorial demonstrating this functionality.  In addition to the interactive Reference/Citation Traversal tool, DOE PAGES offers a list of all articles referenced or cited by the article in the References and Cited By tabs at the top of each article’s Full Record page.  Reference and citation information is provided to the DOE community with IP authentication or account registration through an agreement with Web of Science.

As a complement to the existing DOE PAGES – Improved Reference Navigation for DOE Researchers video, the new video focuses on how this tool aids in research and discovery.  Users can find an article in DOE PAGES and easily see what articles are referenced and which articles are citing that article, resulting in the accelerated discovery of new research.  Users can also gauge the “impact” of an article by looking at the total number of citations and other metrics, also provided by Web of Science.

This Reference/Citation Traversal functionality is available in both DOE PAGES and OSTI.GOV and is part of OSTI’s ongoing efforts to interlink R&D results and create tools for the modern science environment.  Check out this video and others on the OSTI.GOV YouTube Channel.