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Responding to needs of the Department of Energy (DOE) software developer community, the Office of Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI) is pleased to announce the beta release of DOE CODE.  New features in this beta release include streamlined handling of versions, support for submission of software containers, and acceptance of an additional project type (closed source, OSTI-hosted software).

The DOE CODE beta release offers the ability to define relationships between software versions.  Users can define these relationships when they submit software metadata.  OSTI supports the use of Semantic Versioning best practices, which provide a framework for how version numbers should be assigned and incremented.  Using Semantic Versioning will help create stronger relationships between software versions that can be leveraged to provide greater software discoverability and reuse.  Software containers are software packages that contain everything the software needs to run, including the executable program, system tools, libraries, and settings.  The beta release supports the most commonly used container files, Docker and Singularity.   Developers are more commonly producing software containers to allow software to run across different environments, provide additional security for operating systems, and eliminate installation issues.  A new project type for closed source, OSTI-hosted software has also been added.  Users can submit or announce software that is not open source and cannot be distributed appropriately elsewhere.

DOE CODE is a collaborative, open source platform developed by OSTI, and provides functionality for the submission, archiving, and discovery of scientific and business software funded by DOE.  For more information about submitting and searching at DOE CODE, visit our FAQs or see additional news articles about DOE CODE.