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2018 STIP Meeting

Representatives of the DOE Scientific and Technical Information Program (STIP) convened for the 2018 STIP Working Meeting at Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility (JLab) in Newport News, VA, during the week of April 16th.  DOE’s Office of Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI) manages STIP, a collaboration of scientific and technical Information (STI) managers from across the DOE complex who work to ensure that the results of DOE-funded research and development (R&D) are identified, collected, preserved, and appropriately disseminated.  The DOE STIP network includes STI points of contact from DOE programs, field and site offices, and national laboratories and research facilities.

The 2018 meeting was organized by OSTI and hosted by JLab STI Manager Kim Edwards, and for the first time, combined with the National Laboratory Libraries Coalition (NLLC) annual meeting.  Amber Boehnlein, Jefferson Lab CIO, kicked off the dual session and provided an informative overview of JLab and highlighted aspects of STI management from the perspectives of key groups at the lab.  Attendees also had the opportunity to tour the lab’s unique facilities and learn about its role in studying the structure of nuclear matter.

A key focus for the STIP collaboration continues to be implementation of the DOE Public Access Plan, and significant progress has been made on the public access front with over 50K publicly available full-text journal articles/accepted manuscripts (AMs) available in DOE PAGES and OSTI.GOV.  OSTI Director Brian Hitson provided a timely overview of DOE and other agencies’ progress in public access and trends in open science.  Presentations by OSTI staff covered important topics including DOE CODE, the DOE software services platform and search tool for DOE-funded code; ORCIDs (Open Researcher and Contributor IDs) which continue to expand within the DOE researcher community; and the 2018 launch of OSTI.GOV, now the primary search tool for DOE science, technology, and engineering R&D results and the organizational hub for information about OSTI.  In addition, attendees provided reports for their respective lab, site, or DOE office, and several DOE labs presented on various aspects of their STI programs and processes.  A STIP representative revealed that as lab researchers more routinely submit AMs to OSTI, the lab has realized other benefits of making their science publicly available.

It was noted by STIP representatives that the meeting was very useful and provided valuable information and ‘energy’ as they return to their day-to-day responsibilities.  This energy carries over to OSTI staff as well, with numerous action items and follow-up underway in support of DOE’s STIP and related STI initiatives.  For more information about JLab, check out Why is JLab Unique?